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Vinatea & Toyama searches for professionals whom are passionate for challenges,
individuals committed to their job, in constant pursuit of excellence in what they do,
and whose integrity makes a statement in their decision making.

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Our goal is to develop and maintain the best team of professionals that will take the path of their career in the studio, promoting an agile, flexible, culture-oriented in excellency, integrity, commitment and a positive work environment.

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Integrity Excellency Committment
I like working at V&T because I learn something new each day. In comparison to many other places, there is a multi-diversity of professionals, from Lawyers, Engineers, Administrators, Marketing, Historians, etc.; professionals with experience in other industries, which we learn new things from on a daily basis. We have a stretched relation between the SEA and the lawyers, allowing us to contribute enriching both teams; as a result, building a better place to work. We encourage each other to be disruptive innovators to remove ourselves from our comfort zone in order to question situations so we can constantly improve.
Juan Diego Rivera General Manager
I have known the V&T team for 10 years and I can say that their members are A1 professionals. You can feel the great collaboration spirit and non-hierarchy atmosphere, this is the reason I can always count on everyone’s support, lawyers and administrators. Not only do the people at V&T make this such a motivative place; here, you learn something new every day and the virtual/in-person mode has given me the opportunity to spend more time with my family and to dedicate time to my studies after work. I can definitely say that coming to V&T was one of the best decisions I have made, it has allowed me to develop my career path surrounded by the best professionals.
Luis Chávez Chief of the Information and Documentation Center
Being part of V&T means being part of a nice family. We commit to the duties and we work and discuss to achieve a good result as a team. We are always available to help each other out, it does not matter how complicated a day can be for one of us. The smiles and the time shared are transversal in all of the departments of the studio, not only do the lawyers participate. I like working at V&T because it is interesting, challenging and fun
Thalia Torres Junior Associate
I consider myself a challenge seeker and this is the reason why I like working at Vinatea & Toyama. Each day, I confront new experiences and complex situations that definitely contribute to my professional life but especially to my personal life. At the studio, each challenge comes along with team work, where the experience and perspective of each of the associates, partners and interns take part in each assignment. All of this would not be possible without the strategic vision of V&T of counting with strategic administrative partners in the different departments such as Investigation & Development, Marketing and Sales.
Eduardo Mercado Partner
Being a Lawyer at V&T is a challenging and gratifying experience. We have the chance to litigate in complex processes, and at the same time; see the results of the work done, always with the possibility of constantly learning, not only from new cases but from the team of lawyers from V&T.
Alfonso Higa Senior Associate

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